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participants of an intramural football game involving the TEP fraternity circa 1981.

Meeting Report, dated Thursday, September 29, 2020

Greg Pichler
Nov 03, 2020
The Executive Board of Tau Alpha Kappa Alumni Association issue a meeting report, dated Monday, September 29, 2020, to all association members.
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Jul 31, 2015 12:00 PM

November 3, 2020

From: Executive Board, Tau Alpha Kappa Alumni Association

To: Association Voting Members

Subject: September 29 meeting report

The meeting was held, with some 20 Board & Voting members attending.

Floor discussion included questions regarding the merits of Lehigh University’s counter offer, scholarship fund eligibility, and the financial assets & obligations of the Association. There was general consensus that the offer has merit and comes at an opportune time. Creation of a scholarship fund is consistent with the goals & foundation of the Association.

The tabled August 6 motion was withdrawn, and a motion was brought forward, “For the sale of the Annex and the creation of an Association Scholarship fund.” Of the voting members on the call; 19 were in favor, 2 abstained. With 51 proxies in favor and none against; the motion passed with 70 in favor, 2 abstentions.

A motion was brought forward, “The Alumni Board will recommend reserving a portion of the proceeds for the social function of the Association, subject to Member approval.” With 20 in favor and none against, the motion passed.

The Board will organize a Committee to carry on the Scholarship implementation; information will follow as we work through the details. Board elections will be held during the Annual Meeting on November 21.

Counter Offer Acceptance: During the meeting it was suggested the Association counter Lehigh's initial offer of $145,000. The University has accepted a counter offer of $175,000. The Executive Board recommends accepting this offer.

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Discussion Section