Attendees at the 149th Annual, Lehigh vs. LaFayette game, Bethlehem, PA 2013

Tau Alpha Kappa Chapter Alumni, TEP's are tops.

participants of an intramural football game involving the TEP fraternity circa 1981.

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The Tau Alpha Kappa Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi

“[Regarding Annex Day on Saturday, August 06, 2016] Thank you for everyone who volunteered yesterday. We had a great turnout and got a lot done. Ken Jensen, Peter Cole, Greg Phoenix, Marc Gravez, Greg Pichler and plus one and our bathroom contractor kicked ass.”

Mike Sicinski, Annex Manager


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“Nice site brothers!”

Tracy Hill (Alumni Reunion) (9/26/2018)

For general questions about the alumni of the Tau Alpha Kappa chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi and how to get involved, please click here to contact alumni president, Greg Bury.